Monday, October 13, 2008

hold on to your dreams

i got a present today....

from someone i love...

it's perfect....a black stone
with a copper spiral painted on it....
it's perfect.
it's around my neck right now.
i don't want to ever take it off.

it came with a card....

'hold on to your dreams'

i couldn't believe it.
of all days.
today i feel like i'm livin' 'em again.
like i used to.

i'm not afraid today.
i'm even confidant we'll do fine.
better than fine.

and now i have a necklace to remind
me of this space i'm in....

and what matters more than this great
necklace is i have a friend who loves
me and wants to remind me to hang on
to my dreams.
she actually cares that i do that.
it matters to her.
how incredible is that?!

i forget....
sometimes i get wrapped up in the payin'
the bills garbage...

i's about dreams, and about
followin' your heart, and believin' and
tryin' and doin' what feels right......

and havin' friends who love you all the
way thru it....

hold on to your dreams...
and hold on to your friends....

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