Saturday, October 18, 2008

one of those days....

we don't get a heck of a lot of time together,
but saturday's we claim for us.

that can be wonderful and it can be tough.
sometimes it's just a lotta pressure:
'here's your day, you'd better make it good.'
and that's not so good. can make me crazy.

some days it's just terrific.

today was one of the terrific ones.

he had had a long, tough week. told him it would
be his day, whatever he wanted to do, we would do.

i was rushin' around my studio when i heard him
come in. threw some stuff in their spots, and headed
up to meet him.
bumped into him in the hallway....

he was standin' there with flowers for me and his
face was full of love.

i just hugged him.

and it only got better from there....

i had him in mind all day. wanted to make him smile
and laugh and forget his week. he just wanted to
be together.

there have been moments when i know we touch love
together....there have been intense moments when i
know i've touched something beyond us, and there have
been ordinary practical times where i feel something
so deep between us, it just flows thru me.

i still don't have words for love and what i think it
is and what it's all about....
sometimes, purely by accident, i find myself living it....

today was one of those days.
one of those drop on your knees days cause you know
you touched something beyond you.....

funny, it looked like a regular ol' day
on the outside.

amazing what can go on in the inside.

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