Tuesday, March 31, 2009

and finally.....

he wanted this boat.
used boat.
fishing in the bay boat.
great deal boat.
not so practical boat.

he decided not to get it.

he told me several times.
he asked at work. they said don't.
you'll be sorry. not practical.
don't do it.

he told me he wasn't gonna get it.

told him he should.
he deserved something nice.
he'd enjoy it.
it would be good for him.
go for it.
enjoy it.
life is for now.
do it.

as i drove up today, he called.
he bought the boat.

he bought it today.
of all days.
he bought it today.

a life day. a learn how to live day.

'thanks for showin' me how to live'
he said.

i blew it off.
didn't think he meant anything.

as i drove home thinking of people walking
around dead while alive, he called again.

he said it again.
'you show me how to live, ter.'

and he meant it.

i heard him. he meant it.

and tonite, after this incredible day,
i am turning to myself and asking the same
from myself.

show me how to live, ter.
show me how to live......

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