Friday, March 6, 2009

an art gig....

this will be the last one from me for the day....
yo, josh and i are headin' out for the day.
zakk has a cold and has elected to man the fort.

i'm gonna miss the stinker....but as he pointed
out to me, he'll enjoy the quiet.

we've got an art gig down in charlottesville,
virginia. c'ville arts if anyone's in the area.

i pretty much stay away from these kinda things
as i'm really shy and well....just absolutely sure
that when people meet me i'm not gonna be what
they had been looking for. i'll let them down.

real healthy attitude, huh?

that's why i'm goin'.
because i gotta get over myself sometimes.

i told myself that when these things come up,
i'll do them. i can't let the fear keep me in.

and so.
i will.

turns out the people down in c'ville are incredible.
they've been knockin' their sox off for me and
really pitchin' in to make this nice.

now i want to go down just to thank them!

i've got eleanor roosevelt's quote on my fridge:
do one thing every day that scares you.

and rumi's quote on my studio door:
forget safety, live where you fear to live. guess i meetin' my quota for the
week today.

silly, huh?

i'll be glad when i get over this fear....
and i will get over it, right????


Goddess Diana said...

You Go Goddess!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Serial Man said...

I'm no expert, but I think you should post on your site when you are going to be doing "art gigs" or store events. People care about that stuff and if nothing else, you may help to get some people interested in that local small business they otherwise may not know exists. The likes of which we find rapidly disappearing from the American landscape.

{cue music} There was a time during our lives when every town or municipality had a vibrant and living downtown area littered with small shops of every type. Where customer service wasn't a marketing concept, but a way of life. And residents depended on these entrepreneurs to provide them with more than food stuffs, goods and services - they knew that it was the very glue that held the community together - the neighborhood's heart. {music reaches subdued yet dramatic crescendo}

So, if not for yourself and your small business, do it for the dying breed of neighborhood cardiac specialists who are waging a seemingly futile war against the soulless marketing managers and banal, faceless Target and K Mart Goliaths.

{fade music}

Sarah C said...

you are everything and so much more in person Terri! C'ville was lucky to have you and Josh and Noah... :) I'm so glad you did it! And major kudos to you for going outside your comfort zone. It takes a lot of courage!