Wednesday, March 18, 2009

no answers

way foggy out.
i mean WAY foggy out.
foggiest i remember seein' in a long

too foggy to face my fears and meet a construction
worker. i couldn't see any of 'em!

that was kinda nice too.

i felt like i was walkin' in another country.
scotland, maybe. yeah. scotland. that's what
i picked. and so i walked around scotland a bit
this morning....

thought about butterfly woman. tried to see her
eyes. this is hard. only tiny really quick glimpses.
this is gonna be a big deal for me. hard to

i wondered what i do with it once i really can
touch it.

how does it affect my days?
what's different about how i live?
what will feel different?

will i be more aware?
more open?

why is it i want to touch this?

i know i have to.
and i know i'm going to.
but what do i do with it then???

and so i walked and asked......

no answers.
just questions.
but that's okay.......

as rilke says, i'm gonna live myself into the

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