Tuesday, April 7, 2009

goofy guys gone mature

okay. it's the year of my 30th high school
that's so odd.
and 'kids' i knew back then are pokin' out
on face book.

and it's so weird.

this one got me........
i'm still scratchin' my head over it.

he was in my junior high algebra class.
sat behind me.
teased the daylights outta me.
made me blush constantly and then would
call me tomato face.

oh man.
my kids even know these stories and will
tease me with that now and again.

so he shows up.
and i tease cause that's what i remember
doin' with him.

and then........he throws a thoreau quote
out and writes a note that is um....
how do i say this?





ya see, i still see that goofy guy sittin'
behind me teasin' me.

and no.
here's this man sayin' real stuff.

and my head is goin' oh wow.
how did this happen?!

these guys grew into men.
and my girlfriends are women.

and we're old.
but in a good way.
we've lived some and people seem to have
a bit of whatever it is you get when you've
been thru stuff....

and i like it.

i really like it a lot better than when we
were in high school.

and time is reeling around me.
i've been getting notes from people that
spark memories....
and it was all a different world.

it was worlds ago.

and yet there's these contacts.

and it's all different.
yet with a thread of the same.

i thought i'd hate it.
havin' that stuff brought up again.

but it's not about that.
it's about something different.

maybe about remembering part of you,
but maybe more about seeing who you are

i don't know.

but it's really kinda cool.

just maybe somehow today i felt this taste
of respect for the growin' process.
maybe something i hadn't quite tasted before.
or in a different way.

maybe i'm just way overtired and need to quit.......


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