Thursday, April 9, 2009

rocks and water

so i walked.
and i was tense and frustrated.
felt some pangs of anger. watched them
as friends have been nudging me that way.
and i plowed thru all this frustration
mess inside me.

and got nowhere.

and then as i was walkin' home this semmingly
small little thought came boppin' thru.
certainly wasn't small at all.

do you get frustrated that you can't get
water from a stone?

oh yes.
we've all heard that.
but i heard it different this morning.
and my eyes got big.


well then.

why so frustrated here?

you can't change this. you can't fix this.
it is what it is.
you get what you can out of it, and you
see it for what it is and don't expect more.

and then that quote that we all know and i
will mess up but will give you enough that you'll
know which one i mean pops in....

wisdom is
changing the things you can.
accepting the things you can't.
and knowing the difference between the two.

something like that.

i grinned.
i'm so far from wisdom i can't even remember
the quote right.

honest to pete, it's like this whole weight
fell off of me.

there a little voice haunting me tho....

is that settling?

maybe that's another part of the whole thing.
separate issue.

i'll have to figure that out later.
right now i'm just kinda enjoyin' lettin'
the rock be and not looking for water from it.

maybe the stream with all the water i want
lies within.......

1 comment:

Sarah said...

or maybe the stream is all around you...
I'm basically Taoist, and one of the main guiding principles is to pattern our lives after water, because it can be so many things, never really stops moving, or at least never stops doing something. But one of my favorite analogies is that no matter how jagged a rock may be, if it spends enough time in the stream, the movement of the water eventually smooths it out. Its why there are so many smooth rocks at the bottom of the streams. It takes years to do, but it always happens. Perhaps we are the rocks, we are jagged and have sharp edges from our experiences, but if we continue to allow life to surround us, and allow the goodness of water to surround us... maybe eventually it smooths us out, so the things we've been through never leave, but we learn how to make them a part of who we are without needing the jagged edges. I don't know... I might be completely crazy... but that was what I immediately thought of upon reading this blog.