Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the same boat

i have no idea how she pulls it off...but she
manages to look beautiful even when she's so sick.

we had chatted and talked and dreamed a little
together. we had snacked and had lunch and several
cups of tea....she was now leaning back with the
blanket up to her chin and getting ready to doze a

when it was time to say goodbye to the sock lady.

the sock lady had had a bad reaction today. at one
point, she looked really bad. she was better by
this time and was able to stand next to us and talk
for a few minutes on her way out.

my sock bud looked down on my sleepy bud and they
chatted. my sleepy bud looked up at her and said
'we're in the same boat.'
i looked at my sleepy bud.
with the blanket pulled up to her chin, she looked
so childlike. so precious.

i looked at my sock bud who had such a rough day.

and my eyes filled with tears.....

a few splashed out.
and they were okay with that.

two precious women...in the same boat....
and all i can do is watch....

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