Wednesday, May 27, 2009

birthing bone sighs

she's dealing with a loss more complicated
than anyone should have to deal with.

in an effort to help, to honor, to be there,
to cope, to relate, to sort, to feel,
new greeting cards are getting created.
amazing how some of this stuff gets born...

two quotes were birthed today.
after our phone call...
soon to be cards.....

totally new territory
with not even a piece of a map,
surrounded by fear too big to hold...
a whisper begins to echo thru my mind.
thru my heart.
'surrender to the moment.'


i run to fear, arms outstretched
and my world shrinks in front of me.
slowly, i turn to trust.
it is then i notice the stars in
the darkness.
laying in the star light,
i rest.


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Anonymous said...

only one word: WOW!