Tuesday, May 5, 2009

headin' out.

headin' out for a walk.
feelin' way scrambled inside.

used to get lost in the scrambled
feeling. that feeling would catch me up
in its craze and whirl me around to
places i didn't want to go.

not choosin' that this morning.
i've been there too many times.
gets me nowhere fast.

the choice is here.....
what do i do with the scramble?
where do i focus?

if i'm tryin' to learn and grow...
then i have to choose carefully where
i'm gonna focus.....

it's way easy to get pulled under
and just get lost in a woe is me thing.

not gonna do it.
it's a choice.

thing is.
where IS the right direction here?

what question do i take on my walk??

i guess it's got to be about love.

but not sure what direction to go with it.

i'm thinking it may be about loving myself.
good place to start......

where'd i put my walkin' shoes?

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