Sunday, May 10, 2009

kid inspired

not sure how many this is gonna be....
but thought i'd go ahead and post the
bone sighs i've written for my kids since
i started bone sighs......thought that
would be a cool way to honor the day....

my son

i watched him carry the spider out
of the house.
talking to it as he walked.
he had no idea how brightly his
heart shone to me at that moment.

my rock god

if you cringe when you look his way,
you haven't seen him -
it's not in the hair, the clothes,
the earring.
look again.
it's in his eyes. his hands.
his heart.
look at him and rejoice in
the Life you see.

at fourteen

i see him coming into his own every day.
rejoicing in his growth, strength, abilities...
keep seeing it, my son....
keep seeing it.
rejoice in it and always know
that you are special.


he's full of energy, thoughts
and ideas.
the thinking never stops.
nor does his heart.
the loving spirit tumbles out of him ~
and he melts my heart so easily.

a child

determined to ease his burden,
she was forced to drop her own.


she was telling him about giving birth~
"one of the most amazing things about it is
you have to totally trust thru the worst pain.
all you can do is release control and trust."
she stopped and stared at him.
the tears came.
"i guess that's not just during birth,
is it?" she asked, reaching for his hand.

her son

she listened to their struggle with pain
at first.
and then amazement.
she watched her son become a man.

your truth

it is your truth.
your power.
your soul.
guard it with all you have.
don't let anyone's misconceptions steal it.
including your own.

the magic stool

they talked late into the nite -
never looking at each other.
for it wasn't themselves they were looking for,
but what came thru them.


do you really think i can do it? he asked.
there are no limits, she said.
when you truly trust - deep down
"you trust no matter what" trust,
the limits fade away
and you travel to unknown places.
there's just one thing you need to decide.
do you really want to travel?

he's eighteen

i always thought it was that you changed my
world and made it brighter -
but i just figured it out -
it's me you change and make brighter
and in so doing,
my entire universe shines

for robert

she loved it when he laughed.
his whole being lit up
and the room turned brighter.

for dean

when they shared a cozy warm blanket and a book,
life just felt good.


yeah, his muscles were big
but his heart was bigger.
and she loved his heart.
it was the most beautiful thing about him.

growing into

he was nearing her height rapidly -
his features changing,
his thoughts deepening.
it didni't make her sad he was growing up -
he made her proud he was growing into.

his son

she watched him talk with his son,
the gentleness in his voice filled her heart.
will his love now be enough to heal
those past scars?
she prayed it would.

he doesn't even know

she heard him speak his truth.
his strength inspired her.
his insights amazed her.
his kindness astounded her.
he was everything she wanted to be.

my guys

always there when I need you…
forever making me laugh…
pushing me to stretch
and opening my pools of giving –
you teach me.
and it is in your very presence that
i become gratitude.

you can be anything

you can be anything.
you are whole and beautiful.
to teach them that,
I had to live it.
in living it, I became it.
and once again, it is my children
who give me life.


I wish I had the guts you do,
I told my son.
you do, mom. came his reply.
and I will now
because of his belief in me.


gathering time

it was the gathering time again –
the time when love showed up all at once –
with laughter, whispers, and even tears,
warming the house with its fullness.

my gentle giant

there is a kindness
that you carry around
when I look your way,
the light shining out of
your eyes takes my breath


even quiet and still,
your energy radiates out of you.
the world is yours for the taking...

bowing to the universe with tears in
my eyes for the gift of my sons.......
happy mother's day.

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Merry ME said...

What a tribute to your kids, your art, your trust, your heart. What a legacy. These bonesighs are some of the best I've read.

Loving is one big circle isn't it? What goes around, comes around.