Monday, May 4, 2009

side by side questions

i'm pretty sure there will be a 'what's
it all about?' conversation in the next
couple of days.

and this morning as i walked, i reflected
on that.

i had an idea i hadn't had before.

up until now i've been concentrating on the
answers to that question! as if there were
some to really find.

but this morning i got to thinking of who
i had become and who i was becoming.

in response to the question of what's it all
about, i posed another question:
'do you like who you are and who you are
growing into?'

my answer was yes.

and in that answer there is a peace to the
rest of the quest.

i have so much more i want to become, so much
more i want to find inside myself. i have
frustrations with the way i do things, react
to things, get stuck on things.

i am by no means settled with who i am.

BUT i like the foundation.

and feel like i can continue the journey with
that foundation holding me up.

and somehow, maybe, the journey is all inside

what it's all about is all on the inside anyway.
(remembering that the inside is infinite)

i don't know what any of it means.
i just don't think i've ever put the two questions
side by side like that.

soooo when the subject comes up, i'm gonna pose
that question with it.

and see where it leads us.

could be interesting.

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