Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what is power?

my gosh do i feel the pot brewing and
bubbling....but i honest to pete don't
know much what to do with it.

walkin'. thinkin'.
thoughts everywhere.

when this thought pops right on thru....

you not only have to see yourself,
you not only have to know your strength...


first of all.
seeing myself.
yeah, repeating theme.

been asking the last few days to see.
to really see.

i find that SO HARD.

so i get stuck on number one.
but i've made progress. and i hold on
to that.
step two.....know your strength.....
progess again. much progress in the last
few months.

but the third part....
that's a brand new thought for me.

step into my power?!
how the heck do i do that??
and WHAT is power?!

and that question right there made me
realize that there's a whole area i need
to look at.

what is power?
what is a strong woman?
a POWERFUL woman?

i don't have answers.
but some thoughts came in pretty fast....

and the thought about being okay with all
the parts of me, having compassion for the
hurt parts....allowing them their place...
that came to me.

you don't have to not have any weak points,
you don't have to have perfection....
you have to work with all those parts and
use them as part of your power.

maybe power is sittin' in a circle with all
your parts and seein the value of each one.
acknowledging the piece of the puzzle each
part is, how each part can contribute something.
and then combining those somethings with
awareness and love. maybe power is taking
that combination into each moment of your day.

stepping into my power.

hmmmmm.........i've got to call a meeting
first.....maybe a few.

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