Saturday, June 13, 2009

the back up team....

josh's housewarming is tomorrow...
so there's been extra scurryin' around
over here.

the guys and i spent a few hours in
the middle of the day yesterday helpin'
him get his house all ready.

at one point, josh, zakk and i were in
the kitchen and right out the window
we got a great view....yo was mowing the
grass. calmly walking back and forth with
that mower.

'i totally envy yo' josh said.
i NEVER look like that when i mow the lawn.
'when i mow, rocks shoot up at me, i'm sweatin'
like a pig, cursin' the mower.....'

we all started laughing.

last nite i was tellin' yo the story.
zakk was in the room and started imitating
him walkin' back and forth with the mower,
kinda like a mellow zombie or something.

we all were laughing....

all day yesterday i was filled with that
feeling i get with these guys....the feeling
of one incredible team. and the realization
that this is rare and i'm blessed enough to
be part of it.

i usually just think about how lucky i am
to have them.

yesterday i was really filled with how lucky
they were to have each other too.....

to have a back up team that will see you thru

if you've got can handle
anything, can't you?

i really need to remember that.......

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