Tuesday, June 9, 2009

eighty eight?!

i think somehow my age clock has gotten
stuck at eighty.
i don't seem to realize the people i
know who are past eighty are past eighty,

kinda odd.

it's also kinda odd the amount of people
i know past eighty....

when i called him to say hello last nite,
he told me he was EIGHTY EIGHT!

eighty eight?!!!
how'd that get by me???

he's amazing.
sharp as a tack.
full of life and good fun.
interested in all kindsa things.

he reminds me that getting old doesn't
have to be all horror stories.
oh, he's had trials....
but he's happy, and he's living and
he's enjoyin' his life.
learnin' stuff on the computer.
workin' with digital photography!

we laughed a bit, and i hung up inspired.

there really is so much to learn, so
much to do.....so much to live!

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