Sunday, June 14, 2009

helpful tidbits

ohhhh found a helpful tidbit to pass along.
it's about working with empathy with yourself.
it's from the book 'i thought it was just me'
by brene brown.

i'm gonna snag sentences here and there to
give you the idea of what she's sayin'...

'one way that we can increase our self empathy
and the connection to ourselves is to explore
and acknowledge our strengths as well as our
problems or limitations.'

'i can go thru almost every one of my 'faults'
or 'limitations' and find strengths. the purpose
of doing this is not to dismiss the issues
we'd like to change or invalidate our problems,
but to allow us to work on those from a place
of self worth, empathy and connection......
we cannot change and grow when we are in shame
and we can't use shame to change ourselves or

so concrete example....
'i can shame myself for being too worried
about my daughter all the time or i can
reframe that using my strengths and focus
on the fact that i'm trying to be a good
parent and i'm a very thoughtful, involved
and conscientious mother. from a place of
self worth it is easier for me to think
about how i might be a better mom if i
reality check some of my fears and recognize
that i'm doing plenty to keep her safe
and happy.'

thought that was really helpful.
wanted to share!

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