Thursday, July 16, 2009

the points of connection....

he sounded so bad when he called, i thought
someone had died.
no,he was just struggling with something.
and he needed to find a door that he could
open, but he couldn't find it.

so we brainstormed together and found it.
you could hear the relief in his voice.

i hung up and read a note from a friend.
she touched me so deeply with something she
said that the tears ran down my face. 'i so
needed to read that. i'm taking this out
on my walk with me.' and i took her thoughts
and touched things in me that needed touching.

on my way home i noticed my elderly neighbor's
door open. i hadn't seen her in a bit.
i stooped to grab her paper and bring it her way.
she met me at the door. was looking for me.
we caught up with each other.

'i've been thinking about that problem'
she said....and she gave me her thoughts. i smiled
and listened and agreed to pass on her thoughts to
the one who they were for. then she gave me a deer
repellent remedy thing for josh and his garden.
she smiled at me and told me to bring her my problems
and she would help.

'i already do.' i smiled back.

and i knew that her being useful to me mattered a
ton to her. and that including her in my life made
a difference. to both of us.

i walked home and thought about this amazing
interconnected web of people. and how we all need
each other and how we all give so much to each other.
and how we all need to give as much as we get.

sometimes the strands of energy that bounce between
us all just stuns me in the power of it all.

we need each other.
this big ol' interconnected blob of energy....
and we're the points of connection.

how cool is that?!

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