Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i remembered.

and so she popped into my mail box last nite.
someone i never heard of before.

someone with a goal of making the world better,
helping people get on the path to finding their

i read her note and felt the excitement rise
inside of me.

i answered her with enthusiasm and then went off
to take a shower. it was a little early for a
shower but i wanted some uninterrupted time to just
think about what she had moved inside of me.

i honestly felt like she came along, gently put her
hands on my shoulders and turned me back to where
i wanted to go.

i wanted to feel the turn. i wanted to see where
i was pointed. i wanted to feel the change.

we have been feelin' the economic stuff for over
a year now. there have been some pretty unsettling
moments, and just some plain ol' discouraging moments.

and i have gotten caught up in coping, making it work,
getting thru.


no thank you.

that's fine to do that too......but what about believing,
trusting, dancing, offering, exploring, following, listening,
and knowing????

what about those things, ter???

amazing to me how quietly those things can leave.

one note.
one email.
one woman's dream.

and mine woke up.

when bob called from outta town last nite he asked how
i was. 'better than good' i told him.

i could hear his grin over the phone.
'spill.' he said.

and i heard myself spill out the whole story,
the excitement, the shoulder turning, the shower,
the running outta the shower quickly to write the woman
again to tell her what she did for me.....
i heard myself and loved it.

'you sound really happy' he said.

yeah. i said.
i remembered tonite.
i really really remembered.

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