Monday, August 24, 2009


i walked away towards breakfast,
but had a thought...
about my aunt frances...
(see story below)

what was different.
how she loved me.

i felt loved by my family.
it wasn't like they were nasty stinkers.
they were ordinary, fine people.

but ya that i think about it...
i felt loved but at the same time i always
felt like i could be improved upon.

there was always always always an unspoken
feeling that i could be better.

not with my aunt frances.
when i was with her, i felt like i was loved
and i didn't need any tweaking.
that i was really wonderful just the way
i already was.

i didn't have to grow into anything.
i didn't have to learn how to do anything....

i was totally loved for what i was right then.

THAT was the difference.

and you know.........that's all the difference
in the world.

those are totally different things.

how do i love other people???

do i offer that to others?

cause ya matters.

stuff to think on.....

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