Friday, August 21, 2009

me and my magnet

i wanted to make something specifically to
slip into orders as an extra little goodie.
something i don't sell. just give away.

that's how these magnets were born.

they sit on the table that i wrap orders on.
and like everything else around here,
after a bit, you stop noticing them. you
just grab them and slip them in.

this morning tho...i stopped and picked
one up. held it. read it. and then reread it.

'why do you look for it over there?'
the voice asked.
it's all inside you.
look within.
embrace what you see.
and dance with all that is you.'

yesterday turned very sad for me.
a friend's story hit too closely to
some of my own stuff. it got confusing
for me. whirling around together.
and i was so sad about the selfishness
of people.

i had a hard time shaking it.
but thanks to a few friends that made
me laugh, i turned the energy around.

but wondered about it all this morning.
and then i stopped to read this magnet.

it's all inside me.
embrace what i see....
and dance with all that i am.

that seems a much better way to spend
my day today....

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I would rather picture you dancing than feeling blue. I hope your inner song this morning is some kind of boogie!

Keep smiling,