Thursday, August 27, 2009

one of those seven things.....

i think i did it wrong.
i think i listed eight blogs instead of seven.
(see post two down)

ya know......
when i saw the directions i knew it was
overload for my brain!

here's one of those interesting tidbits about
myself i was sposed to list....

when i was a kid every single year...
and i mean EVERY single year in elementary
school the teachers all wrote something
just like this....

'terri's a really nice girl, she's just
careless. she needs to pay attention to


some things never change......


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love this! And look how great this has worked for you. You are surrounded by many, many, many caring friends who are so happy that you don't pay attention to detail. You do the big picture thing. There's no one like Terri St. Cloud!
Wonder what those teachers would say now...