Friday, August 14, 2009


there's been some odd calling to me the
last two mornings.

i always take my walks.
and yet, yesterday and today something kept
pulling me to stay home.
stay in my yard. just sit quietly out back.

and so i listened.

and i wondered.

it seemed odd. i never had this feeling
before. but okay, what the heck.

this morning as i wandered about my yard,
putting the trash out, then the mail, then
watering both front and back, it just felt

okay. maybe i just need to slow down and
be in my space, i thought.
i do love the space of my home and yard,
and maybe that's all it's about.

i sat out in my back yard for a bit,
just relaxing and reflecting.

i was going to write a bit, but i just didn't.

as i walked back in towards my studio,
i walked thru yet another spider's web.

as i was pulling the webbing off of me,
i realized that i had in one way or another
seen a lotta spiders the last two days.

an unusual amount.

i wonder..........

i went to get a book my friend gave me.
it's called 'animal speak' and it lists
a bunch of animals and bugs and their
meanings. if something shows up a lot in
your life, what it may mean...

it's kinda like tea leaf reading with live

i rarely ever think of this book.
it's not a natural thought for me.
i read tea leaves sometimes cause i think it's
fun....the animal speak stuff i never got into.

so the fact that it came to mind was unusual.

i went up into my kitchen and pulled it off
the shelf.

looked up spider.


the very first thing i read is this:
'spider teaches you to maintain a balance...'

okay. since balance has been on my mind all week,
this darn book had my interest....

i skim thru.
there's a lot there....
as i'm sifting thru i'm more in a 'yeah, yeah,
whatever' frame of mind.....

and i skim to the bottom....

it says that if spider has come into your life
you need to ask yourself some important questions...
and typed out right there is this:
'do you need to pay attention to your balance
and where you are walkin in life? are others out
of balance around you? do you need to write?
are you inspired to write or draw and not follow
thru? remember that spider is the keeper of knowledge
and the primordial alphabet. spider can teach how
to use the written language with power and creativity
so that your words weave a web around those who
read them.'

i closed the book.

how totally weird.

i've been puttin' off some writing i wanted to do
all week.

guess i'll work on that a bit today.......

life is weird.


Merry ME said...

Sounds like a godwink to me. Kind of cool the way the universe works, isn't it? Wish I could stay in-tune all the time.

What is the name of this gem of a book?

Camille Olivia ~ aka: Taloula said...

I LOVE this, Ter! And the owl story...AWESOME! Spider is a VERY cool teacher (and that book you have? One of my personal faves. Oh. Big surprise there, huh?) Love you bunches~