Saturday, August 8, 2009

still mullin'.....

i haven't left the acceptance thoughts.

they've been whirling around in me a lot.

i can't seem to get it.

everything i'm doing seems to be fakin' it.

i'm not just talkin' one area of my life.

i took several spots i know i have trouble
accepting...and have been lookin' at those.

and me.

how do you find TRUE acceptance?

i feel like all i've found is fake stuff.
or coping skills.

in some areas i can find acceptance in
PART of it all. so i looked at that.

when i have no need, there can be acceptance.


in some places, i clearly have no need, and
yet can't accept the impact the situation or
person has on others.


something did pop into my thoughts this morning....

the famous ol' 'live in the moment' thought.

it seems to be ONLY when i'm in the moment
that i have acceptance.

really really wonder if i'll make any progress
on this one...

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

There is a 12-step saying that might help.
"Fake it til you make it."