Tuesday, September 29, 2009

laughin, appreicating, and learning something

my cell phone's got a little glitch to it.

i try to use headphones with it mostly.
and sometimes if you take the headphones out
something sticks in the little headphone
hook up spot and it doesn't click back
to normal and you can't hear anyone unless
you slip the headphones back on.

not every time.
just once in awhile.

i had called and left a message to call me
back. sure enough, he called me back.

i picked up the cell.
(no headphones on it)

hey, bob!


and well, he's been known to have his mute
button on before so i thought maybe that was it.

i waited a moment for HIM to figure it out.
um. no.
must be me.

tried a few more times.

hung up and tried recalling.
but it looked like he was still on the phone.


pushed a few more buttons as that's what i do
when things don't work.

helloooooo bob???

ohh! i wonder if the headphones would work!

popped them in.

and i hear him.
he's right there.
'are you having technical problems???'
i burst out laughing.
'i can't believe you're still there!!!

just as calm as calm can be he said
'i knew you'd figure it out.'

and then we talked.

i've been laughing ever since.
and appreciating him a ton over that one.

i woulda just hung up and figured i'd get called
when the person figured it out. i wouldn't have

to have him just patiently wait....
and be entertained in a fun loving way...
in a way that let me laugh at myself too.......

well.....no wonder i love that man.

i learned something too.
i wanna do that for someone.
well....prolly not that....as i tend to be one
of the few who can't use a cell.

but you know what i mean......

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