Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a new technique

okay, new coping skill.
and i have a feelin' a lot more people in my
life are gonna get smaltzy notes!

i just dealt with a shop owner that made me
want to stamp my foot.
sometimes workin' with people is just tough.

i got filled with all kindsa negative feelings.

and then stopped.

thought of the shop owners i work with who
totally rock.

just dropped them a group email and told them
how much they mean to me.

cause they do.

i totally adore these guys.

and i wanted to focus on that.

i tell ya, it really helped.
i started thinking of each one i wrote to
and i was smilin' and feelin' all warm and

think i got a new technique here.

it definitely feels good.

and there's so many people in my life to

what a great way to concentrate on them!

1 comment:

Luna said...

You got it girl, a gold star, A+ for "getting it right", mastering a life lesson! I believe that everything we do, everything we "send out" there all comes back to us a hundred fold in one way or another. Best way to deal with negativity is not to let it drag you down in the mud with Mr/Mz Difficult Shopkeeper! It's one of those lessons I forget a lot but it works when I remember to do it! Sooner or later maybe I won't have to relearn it so often! See how you shine girl when you let your light shine! Love you Terri!!!