Sunday, September 6, 2009

plannin' some fun...

today's the day!
i'm hosting the celebration of my
god daugther's (actually, i call her my
goddess daughter) 13th birthday!!

i've got the signs up, the food ready,
balloons in the works...

and yesterday when i was wanderin' around
the halloween store.....well.....
i found all these really funky false

i hesitated. it's a small gathering.
only six of us. we're doin' this woman
thing with her. it's actually really cool.

her mom wrote a song, i made a bone sigh,
another woman wrote a poem, and another made
her some earrings. her sister will be here
and we're gonna do some woman gathering thing.

complete with reading tea leaves!

but the eyelashes.....oh they were calling me.
every time i pictured the group tryin' to
talk serious with the lashes on...well, i
started giggling like a little girl.

and well....even that was a budget splurge
for me. i knew i shouldn't. but i kept thinking
of what everyone would look like.....and well...
i got 'em!

her mom's a sport. i don't think she'll kill
me for making us all look ridiculous as we're
tryin' to have some sort of meaningful event.

she might tho.

and still i can't resist.

and still i laugh every time i picture it.

maybe i'll try to be prudent and suggest we don't
wear them til we've done the meaningful part.



don't think i can do that.

what's meaningful without a little fun?!

i get very little estrogen in this house.
this is gonna be a fun day for me!

off to find all the neon nail polish......

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