Friday, September 4, 2009


i remember stopping her in the lounge
to say hello. i had tried to get an appointment
with her for individual counseling, but she
was all booked up. i remember i picked her
because i liked her name.

i just introduced myself and said hello.
she looked at me and said 'hey, i do a woman's
group. maybe you'd like to join us.' and she
said it was for women in transition. and she
paused. and looked at me. and said 'women
are always in transition.'

i laughed.
and never forgot that line.

no kiddin'.

a lotta women i know right now are in some
pretty big transitions. they're all around me.

i walked and thought of it all this morning.

and then i remembered the term 'transition'
for labor. now...i'm not sure if this is right.
and don't correct me if i'm wrong, cause i like
it this way....

but i think transition was when you hit a spot
in labor where you threw up and then the show
really got movin'.

you hit the major contractions.

i smiled thinking of that.

that sounds like a good description of

difference with labor tho is bam! at the
end you get a baby!

it's not so clear in other transitions
what you'll get.

but ya know....i think you do get different
forms of babies thru these things.

i know i got bone sighs thru my big transition.

and now i'm wonderin' about the midlife

will i get some form of a baby?

hmmmmm........i hadn't quite thought of it
that way.

just thought if i survived it, i was doin' good.

but ya know.....i'm thinking maybe you do
better than that.

trick may be keepin' your eyes open and seein'
the baby as it may come really disguised.

i'm likin' this.

a prize at the end.

i like that idea.

i'm in!

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