Monday, December 14, 2009

my new menorah!

i've always always wanted a menorah....
i've looked at some, but they were always
really expensive. so when i got in the
hanukkah spirit, i'd just gather candles
together and light them.


josh found one when he was out the other
nite, and grabbed it for me.

i squealed with delight when he handed it
to me. and then dragged him out to see if
we could get candles at the grocery store
for it.

zakk whittled them down a bit for me, and
viola! i have a functioning menorah!!

josh and i immediately leapt into our
best hebrew attempts.
they were pitiful.
we laughed over how we both did it at the
same time and how weird it is how alike
we are sometimes.

that was last nite.....

but tonite......was mine. just me.
there was a moment of quiet here.
and it's dark.
so i went and lit it and sat with it.

it's so beautiful.
there's nothing quite like candle lite.

talk about sitting in the sacred.

i wonder how i've gotten along without
one all these years.

candle light.
honoring of miracles.
sitting alone soaking in the sacred.

sometimes life is so incredibly good
i could just cry.


Merry ME said...

La Chaim!

Sorrow said...

there is an old Hebrew custom which involves lighting a candle for some one who has departed, sort of in memory.
When I was a little girl my grandmother used to light one and stare out the window. It was a beautiful Votive my grandfather had brought her back from Israel when he had gone to visit his sister in the 70's. Every time she lit that candle she would look out the window and get lost . I always thought she was saying a prayer or something.
When she died that votive came to me. And when i light it I look out my kitchen window and I think of her and I speak to her. I now know what the prayer was.
it was
"thank you"
and on a really BIZARRE note
my word verification is "Salom"
add an h and you have "peace"

Akasa WolfSong said...

As I was thinking of this just now, I went back in time to all those nights sitting by my campfire and how I always thought that the flames take us back to our primal selves. It would take me on a remembering journey right back to the Original Flame or Original Mother where my true passion lies. Then somehow the sacred within us touches the sacredness of God/Goddess and the Sacred Universe or Collective Mind. All that flame and all that passion...ahhh! Life if nothing else is a study is it not? Sorrow said "I now know what the prayer was 'thank you!' I agree.
Our Grandmothers were such wise women...we would be wise to follow their ways and spirit them away.
This night I shall light a candle for you Terri and honor the beauty that lies within you and your bright flame...
With respect and honor,
Akasa WolfSong