Monday, January 18, 2010

my sacred feminine

i just laughed so hard i started crying.

as i hung up the phone with my friend,
she reminded me to nurture my back.

i had tried working with it, talking to
it, acknowledging it....but can't say i
really tried nurturing it.

she said wrap it in red and use a heating

and then she reminded me of what the red
was for, but i forgot the second she said
it. i had the general idea tho.

so as soon as i hung up the phone, i went
to my room to find something red.

i found this great bandanna, tied it around
my waist so it would kinda hang on my back.

yo came thru just then.
told him my friend told me to do this and
the red was for 'my sacred feminine or something
like that.'

it's been on me since.

just now, as we finished lunch, i got up and it
started falling off of me.
yo, zakk and i had moved into the living room
and were standing there talking.

yo looked at me and said 'your sacred feminine
is falling off.'

i looked down, laughed and started retying it.

as i looked up, i saw zakk's face and i burst
out in a belly laugh. i had to hang on to the wall
so i wouldn't hurt my back.

his face was totally scrunched in confusion and
then a quick expression of 'i really don't want
to know.' flashed over it.

he REALLY didn't want to know.

oh man.

i laughed and laughed and laughed.

i love living with these guys!


Carmen Rose said...

Oh, THANKS for sharing the laughter! That IS funny! I don't know him but I can sure picture the look on his face!

Qn Dani said...

I'm belly laughing with you!! I can just picture his face, serious, confused....and the statement, "Your sacred feminine is falling off...."

It's serious business when our sacred feminine comes untied, let alone falls off.........

Merry ME said...

I can just picture you leaning against the wall, your sacred feminie lying on the floor crying, "I've fallen and can't get up" and your boys looking dazed and confused. Now that is something to laugh at!