Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tears and laughter

there were a couple really weird moments
with friends yesterday...that in the end,
made me laugh and appreciate them so much.

i hung up with a guy friend yesterday
in tears. the poor guy....he meant well
...he just so innocently sent me over the
edge. an edge i had been on all day.

he knew i was blue, and i think he was
tryin' to make things better.
he missed the mark.
and he knew it as i choked back
tears and said i needed to go.

i actually sat up in the kitchen
after that tellin' the boys the
story and laughing. we kept groaning
and feelin' compassion for my poor
friend who is prolly still tryin'
to figure out just exactly what happened.

i was doin' numbers later and tryin'
to get a grip on myself when i just put
my head down on my desk and thought
'i feel lousy.'

i picked my head up and kept goin'
and found myself laughing about that
with a girlfriend having a similar day.

the whole visual of me just clunking my
head against the desk actually got me
laughin' pretty hard.

the tears come so easily.
but so does the laughter.

i need them both so much.
but what really makes it all so cool
is the friends i have that are totally
okay with both and mix them together with
me in this beautiful mess of life we
share together. even my sons are gettin'
the mix down really well.

tears and laughter.....what a mix.

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