Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tweakin' emerson....

so i took an emerson quote that was in this
book and i tweaked it a bit.

that's prolly not okay.

no one tweaks an emerson quote!!!!

but here's the deal.......
the quote is:
'No one suspects the days to be Gods.'

i loved that when i read it.
it made me think of my morning walks.

so i put in sunrise for days cause i
haven't quite got down the whole day

then instead of a plural thing with gods...
i got god.

so i got:
no one suspects the sunrise to be god.

thing is...
i think everyone really kinda already does
suspect that.

i do.

so it was kinda a tweak that didn't work
for anyone but me.....

i thought of that this morning as i

it was kinda cool.

thank you, mister emerson!

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