Friday, February 5, 2010

an adventure approaches...

there's a snow storm due in. a big one.
and i'm really excited....and a little nervous.
it could be really big...

and i keep saying 'as long as nothing bad
happens, this is gonna be soooo cool!'

i laugh every time i say it.
cause i mean it every time and it's such
a dopey thing to say.

a friend posted up on her facebook something
the weather report said and it was soooo
ominous. they actually said the storm is
'a threat to life and property.'

ohhhhhh that makes one a little nervous.
it prompted a conversation with yo. i
was tryin' to figure out all the ways
you could die with a snow storm.

yeah, i was.

and the homeless came up.

that kinda breaks my heart. and of course
the elderly....

i did the responsible thing and offered for
my mom to come stay with me. which we were
both laughing about as i have the coldest
house of anyone we know! and you never know
what will work in the way of heat.
it's not quite the safe haven you want
to offer.

as i was on the phone with her, i was
waiting for the furnace guy to fix our furnace.
she knew that.
and she declined.

i am so laughing.
i have a brother with a warmer house!!!

anyway....i digress......
it's the excitement of the snow coming.

i'm actually nervous and excited and feel
kinda like it's christmas eve! only you
don't worry about a threat to life and
property on christmas eve so it's a little

ANYWAY. the point....where i started...
what i wanted to say....was the phrase...
'if nothing bad happens, this is gonna be
soooo cool'...that phrase.....

is one that needs to be tweaked!

how about 'no matter what happens, this is
gonna be one heck of an adventure!!"

now THAT would be enlightened.
i can't picture sayin' that if my roof
caved in....

but i sure would like to be able to.

life. it's an adventure.
even when something bad happens.

THAT was the point.

do i believe it?
do i live it?

so okay.
i got a little tweakin' to do........

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