Thursday, February 25, 2010

the ground keeper's drainage.....

this guy's so organized and perfect, it's beyond
me. he doesn't just have a yard, he has 'grounds.'
i always think of his place as grounds and he, the
keeper of the grounds.

he's got some kinda drainage thing at the end of
his driveway and all the water from all directions
comes and falls into this pit thing he made.

i love it.

i like to stop and watch the water flow in.
if i was a kid, i know i'd hang out there for hours.

i stopped this morning and watched. it was coming
from all directions.

and it hit me.....
that's A LOT of water.
it was just flowing and flowing and flowing.

i looked at his yard. there was a stream coming from
it. then from up the road and across the street,
just streams.

well, yeah, i knew the snow was melting and i knew
it was really wet out...but still....that's A LOT
of water.

the snow's gotta go some place, ter.


it melts and then it flows.....

i knew there was some sorta metaphor of life in there.
i didn't think it thru. just kinda felt it. knew
there was stuff in there about letting things fall and
land into my life, and then letting them change forms,
and flow thru.....and out. felt it more than thought
it out.

i watched the water flow down that side wall of his
drain thing and flow away.

who knew?
the ground keeper's drainage and my life......we're
alike somehow.....


Pamela Jones said...

Smiling really big over here, terri...loving that you reached a similar conclusion! I kept thinking..."it's the FLOW, Terri, it's the's talking to you!"

Camille Olivia ~ said...

wow. what a great metaphor. what a wonderful visual...and what a lovely soul you are. i do love you so!