Friday, February 19, 2010

laura needed some groovy sneakers....

i got up this morning and looked over at
my rocket dogs (my goofy sneakers).
i had pulled them off and left them
by my bedroom door.

i have absolutely no idea why but the
thought popped into my head 'i wonder
what laura ingalls wilder (you know,
the little house on the prairie lady)
would have done if she had these!'

and i smiled.

'all she had were those icky shoes,' i thought.

and i laughed.
i have no idea where that popped in from.
but then i was on a roll.

ohhhh what would she have said if she coulda
had THIS i thought as i zipped up my bright red
onsie thing that the kids say make me look like
a tele tubbie. right over my pj's. all warm over
my feet.

i thought...oh there were times she coulda used this!

that did it. i was off on a roll.
i started walkin' around my house thinking 'what about

'or THIS?!'

try it. it's hard to stop!!

it certainly made me see how much i have.
so, now, bein' grateful for health (see post
below) i suddenly landed into gratitude for tele tubbie
onsies and pellet stoves and water filters.

not a bad way to start the day....

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