Friday, February 26, 2010

really nifty....

i'm grinnin' a nervous little grin.

i've been thinking of the 'is that you, god?'
question. (see post below for that to make any
sense at all!)

and i've been thinking of where i want to go with
my life and all that.

so i'm sitting here workin' on a project. and
something felt kinda 'led' to me. i noticed it,
looked out my window and said 'is that you, god?'
acknowledged the feeling and promised to follow

workin' and tryin' to figure something out when
i pop on my email and there's a newsletter sign in.
and the name is SO INCREDIBLY close to my dad's name
that my eyes bug out.

ohhhhhh that's weird, i thought.
and i actually left it there and went back to what
i was doing. too weird to touch right then.

it so felt like my dad popped in.

i came back to see it staring at me in my box and
i remembered and asked 'is that you, god?'

i'm not a big 'god' fan.
laughin' with that sentence.

it's just not a word that works well for me. i'm
much more comfortable with 'the universe'....i like
the vague idea better. works better for me.

but there's something not so vague in my vague universe
today....and it's feeling really nifty.

wanted to share.........


Merry ME said...

In my opinion God sometimes gets a bad rap because so many bad things have been heaped on the shoulders of a fierce looking bearded guy that doles out punishments and counts sins and holds grudges.
I believe that God/Goddess/Universe/Spirit/Grandmother/Sky/Tree/ etc are all names for a power greater than us all. I don't see the power as kind or mean. It is the very spark of life that lights our way.
So when you ask, is that you God, your energy/spirit is seeking something. Why couldn't it be your dad? Makes sense to ME!

Pamela Jones said...

Yes, Merry ME!
I think we get stuck in the trap of confusing "god" with religion, which is manufactured by human beings and clouds the issue.

I think that the light that is within you that is born of the capital-L Light that is the power of creation longs for a connection with that power in many meaningful ways at many different times. Trust your recognizes where it came from.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I agree with Merry ME and with Pam, lol! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy/respect/admire Merry Me's comments.
She's so right! That's why I write God as G*d. It's not the old man with a beard, floating on the clouds. G*d is the most transcendent and immanent, inside of our deepest being and bigger than anything.

Loved your post, Ter, as always!