Friday, February 12, 2010


really cool thought from this book i'm reading.

she talks about a thought william james had when
he wrote about there being two kindsa people in
the world. Once-Born and Twice-Born.

'once-born people do not stray from the familiar
territory of who they think they are and what they
think is expected of them. if fate pushes them to
the edge of dante's famous dark woods - where the
straight way is lost - they turn back. they don't
want to learn something new from life's darker lessons.

a twice-born person pays attention when the soul
pokes its head thru the clouds of a half-lived life.
whether through choice or calamity, the twice -born
person goes into the woods, loses the straight way,
makes mistakes, suffers loss, and confronts that
which needs to change within himself in order to
live a more genuine and radiant life.'

she talks of being careful with the concepts, and
not being judgmental and also not mistaking them
for needing drama. 'the outer story line need not
be a soap opera, since the real drama is being carried
out in the heart of the traveler.'

loved this......and the line she ends the chapter with:
'if there is one thing that has made a difference in
my life, it is the courage to turn and face what wants
to change within me.'

thought that was good stuff to share.
comes from 'broken open' by elizabeth lesser.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

I really need to read this book my heart was lurching in my breast as I read your post just now...

I think I'm a twice born soul.

I know you are!