Monday, February 22, 2010

trust and flows and wanting it back....

that ever lovin' word 'trust' was on my mind
this mornin'. i walked and thought of how it was
when i first started bone sighs. my gosh, that was
the time in my life that required the most trust
ever. and i had it. i really really had it.

oh yeah, i'd lose it. but i'd get it back again.
and magic happened all around me constantly.
friends noticed it and commented on it, even my
cynic guy who at first poo pooed all mentions i
made of the magic of the universe began to tilt
his head and notice something was going on.

'there's a flow' i'd say.
and i was sure of it.
step in the flow and things work out.
step outta the flow and you stumble around a whole
awful lot.

i guess some big losses threw me outta the flow.
and i've struggled to get in again, and i would.
but not like then. it hasn't been like then for
years now. and i'd only get in for short times,
and then be out again.

and i wondered about that today.
i want that back.
the full time flow thing.
the magic all around me.

i really really like living that.

i figure it's still here.
i figure it's me that's changed.
and well........i think i wanna change again.

i'm not exactly sure how.
i'm gonna watch my thoughts.
start there.
see what it is i'm believing about my day.
what it is i'm believing about outcomes of things
i'm doin'.

maybe talk to the sky a little bit more.
even when i'm inside.

couldn't hurt.
and maybe...just could help a whole

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Pamela Jones said...

The flow is always there. And the sky...did you see that sky this morning? I had to take pictures! I think sometimes when we step out of the flow it only makes returning that much sweeter. I'd say, "you've still got it," but the truth is that "it's still got you."

Flow gently, dear Terri