Friday, February 19, 2010

a vid and a rant

the post below reminded me.....
i recently bought a vid about mysticism and it
came in the mail the other day.
i knew it wasn't gonna be the best vid by the
cheap price of it, but i was so interested in
the two guys who are talkin' about the subject,
i thought i'd give it a whirl.

i am really curious and interested in both these is matthew fox, some renegade kinda
priest that the vatican tossed out, or silenced
or something....and the other was rupert sheldrake,
a biologist gone a little flakey.

both sound like my kinda guys. and i think they
both are. i think i would like both of them very

but, they drove me crazy with this vid.

it's on mysticism.
ecstasy in the spiritual realm.

how can you do that?????

what a topic!

i was all excited at first cause they talked about
how it's kinda based in 'awe' and i'm good with awe.
i have that a lot. and then they said you can't squash
the inner child. and i grinned with delight.

so far, i'm cookin'.

and then i practically fell asleep.

i finally got up, switched it off, and turned to the guys
who were workin' in the same room.

'this is on mysticism.' i said.
'how can you bore someone to death???'
and then i took a breath and started in with another

yo turned to zakk.
'i sense a rant coming on' he said.

'darn right, i'm gonna rant!' and off i went....
i kept goin' as i left the room and went down to do
something that would make me happy and fill me with awe.

i'm not even sure what mysticism is. what it's about.
and maybe one day i'll get some energy up to go finish
the vid and see if i can learn something.....

but my gosh, i think i want to play instead.

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