Thursday, February 18, 2010

what we're here for....

ohmygosh.......the decision making process around
here got jammed. i had just planned on runnin' up
to see her in the hospital. be there with her, let
her know i cared.

then all kindsa things jammed the process.
stupid silly things. it was frustrating the daylights
outta me.i'm just a 'grab your coat and go love them'
kinda person. but sometimes people don't want that.
and who are you doing it for???

i had called josh, woken him up to see if he wanted
to go. yep, he did. by the time he walked in i was
totally unsure of it all.

after muddled consultation in the living room with
everyone, josh and i decided to go. the deciding
factor? after all the back and forth? she's alone
in the hospital and she's got to be scared.
and that did it. we looked at each other and said
'let's go.'

josh is my favorite person on the planet to travel
with. he makes ANY kinda thing better for me. all
my guys do, but josh and i are wired so similarly
that it's just amazing how good we work together.

it was a crazy ride up to the place, a bit of a
hike, and congestion that i had forgotten existed.

we got to her empty room. she was out for a test.
we thought we may miss her....but the universe
was good to us.

she arrived as we were standing in the hall tryin'
to figure out what to do.

and she looked glad to see us.
that helped a lot.
i was wonderin' if she was gonna want to hide
when she saw us. she's josh's age. and beautiful
and maybe the whole combination with josh, and
hospital gowns, and the whole deal wasn't gonna
work for her.

nah, she seemed glad.
that helped a lot.

are you scared? i asked her after we settled in.
yeah, a little she said.
she was a lot scared the nite before.
calmed down a bit.
but still a little scared.

who wouldn't be?

nothin' like hangin' in a hospital to see if
there's something wrong with you.


so we visited.
her parents arrived.
that was good.
something about a family unit.
feels good.

we headed out,let them be, headed home.
and we talked as we drove.......

... of the moments.
and of how that's what we had.
of her...of life...of friends.

at one point josh said dropping everything
and headin' up was the kinda thing life was
for. that that's what we made our livings for.
he even said that's why we have we
can drive up and see each other.
cause that's the kinda thing that matters.
our taking care of each other, being there
for each other.

i smiled as i drove.

josh usually makes jokes about conquerin' the
world and muscle cars, and testosterone crazed
masculine take over the world attitude jokes...
and to hear him say that....specially about the just made me smile.

and i said a prayer for her as she lay there
waiting to talk to a doctor, for her parents,
who have been friends forever and must feel so
anxious right now...and i thanked the universe
for havin' people in my life i cared so much about.

and thanks to anyone here who sent up prayers....
we've got her surrounded! and that's one heck of
a good thing.....


Merry ME said...

A "grab your coat and go love them" girl.
A woman after my own heart. I'm glad Josh agreed to go with you. Sounds like it was the right decision.
You guys rock!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh I am so glad you followed your intuition, Ter...I stood at my kitchen sink praying for your friend, and the family around noon today...

It is always an honor to pray for lend some kind of support, energy, warmth, and love and send it out with deliberate intention to the person/s who needs it. I come from the school of thought that when we help with others out of love we help ourselves as well.

You have a great son in Josh...he's definitely a keeper!

Stay warm and sending you some love too! :)