Monday, March 29, 2010


one of my friends tells me that my biggest flaw
is that i'm not an animal person.

i've tried, but i'm just not.
and i know, those who are, can't understand it.

i have tried even harder than i would normally
have, because bob is a dog person.

there are a few animals that have touched me tho.
and there is one dog...and that's bo.

bob's dog bo.

bob has two dogs. bo and arrow.

he got arrow as a puppy when i was heavy duty
into the picture, and i tried...i really really did...
but i just couldn't bond like i had hoped.

couldn't bond? ohmygosh, i couldn't cope.

bo, on the other hand, stole my heart.
he was a full fledged dog when i arrived on the

bob's hero, and his sons' life saver, that dog
put up with so much with the calm and goodness
of a zen master.

the epitome of all that is good, bo got bob
and the kids thru their darkest hours.

i watched it, knew it, and loved that dog for it.

today, right now, bob and his sons are at the vet
with bo.

they have to put him down tonite.

they're doing it as a family, just the three of
them. even in his passing, bo is helping those
guys out.

i checked in with each guy at some point today.
each guy is hurting. and each guy is trying not
to hurt.

i think bo means so much more than they even
realize. this is quite a loss to them.

i sat on my stool here, looking out the window,
saying goodbye to bo...

i got to wondering about reincarnation.
i think i mostly don't buy that bo was anybody
reincarnated....but part of me wonders.

i never met such a zen dog.

and even in his passing, he seemed zen.
he's stopped eating, stopped drinking, has just
stopped as much as he can.

the guys feel it's the kindest option they
are doing tonite.

and i think of bo passing on.
and i think of all he's done to help those guys
get thru their darkness.

that dog was one special being.
so much so that even a non animal person like me
could see it.

toasting bo tonite.
and holding the guys in my heart.


Anonymous said...

As I mentioned to you, it's been crazy busy here, so I just now read this post.
So sorry!
Losing such a companion is never easy.
My heart goes out to you, Bob, Robert, and Dean.


Merry ME said...

Ter, I'm soooo sorry for Bob, et al.
I don't know where I'd be without something warm and furry to cuddle up to at sad times, or play with in fun times. Bo sounds like the perfect dog. I don't know about reincarnation, but I believe dogs (or cats, or whatever, with the possible exception of snakes! though John has known and loved great big ol' igauanas) come into our lives, just like people to light our way, nurture our souls and grow our hearts.

Please pass along my condolences and love. I feel pretty sure Mr. Bo is up there in heaven looking down on his boys and sending love.