Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a date with an angel

told mister bob i couldn't see him tomorrow
nite because i have a date with an angel!
wanted to let you know in case you wanted to
join me!

my good buddy christie is offering a free
teleseminar tomorrow nite that i wanted to

i'm not sure if she has the info on her site.
i didn't see it, but i may have missed it. i
got the info thru a mailing she does.

you can contact her thru the site if you're
interested, or contact me and i'll fill you
in too.

it's free and it's on the phone. doesn't
get much easier than that!

she works with angels!

that's a little out of my league to explain
so here's her site to check out.

this particular teleseminar involves the angel
of trust.

and i gotta tell ya, i could really use some input
in the trust department, so i'm gonna be there!

christie is an awesome woman. she also does channeling
which i highly recommend!!!

that's so funny coming from me.
whenever i heard anything about channeling, i would smile
and nod and go the other way. yeah, yeah, whatever.
felt way too out there for me.

until christie came thru and offered me a session as a gift.

i was nervous and unsure, but accepted.

and LOVED it.
just loved it!

i have since given sessions as gifts, and had more myself!
they are wonderfully uplifting and gave me this really
really magnificent zap of good energy. a totally positive
experience all the way around.

if you want to try a channeling session, christie is wonderful.
i highly recommend her.

i'm new to the angel stuff. i've had an angel reading which was
really nice and definitely got a lot of information out of it.
christie offers a lot of her time in these things.

and the angel of trust? ohmygosh, what could be more perfect?

so if you have time and feel like it, come on over!
there's a dial in number you need and an access code and
then you're ready to roll. email christie or me for that
info. i'll spell out christie's email here as i think that keeps
the spam stuff away from her, so that's why i'm spelling it out.
christie at thelightspeakers dot com.

i believe it's mostly listening so you don't have to be
nervous about having to do anything.

and ms. christie.......thanks for offering a free one for us
to get a feel of what's goin' on! looking forward to it.

tomorrow nite at eight!
oh! just got a link!!! here ya go!


Pamela Jones said...

Sounds great -- wish I could make it. :(

Sorrow said...

Angel of trust~~~
oh now there is one I could use...