Thursday, March 4, 2010


i am definitely a neighborhood kinda person.
i like them. they make home more like home.

i was just out at my mailbox tryin' to figure
something out, when the guy across the street
came out. i've known him since he was 12. he's
now 27 and getting married in a few days.

'is that the groom??' i hollered over.
i love this guy. he's a sweetheart. he's not
nervous he says. he's excited and ready.

'we wouldn't miss this for the world!' i told
him. the guys and i are goin'. we keep jokin'
that we'll be the only white people there.
might be. it's an african american, baptist,
(i think) wedding. he's marrying the pastor's
daughter!! ohmygosh! the entire congregation
will prolly be there! his sisters are professional
musicians......oh my gosh.... this is gonna
be fun!

i was raised a middle class catholic girl and
had a small low key wedding. i can't wait for
this one! it's gonna be a complete cultural
difference, and i think one that will rock!

we joked a bit, and i walked back to my house.
and the weirdest feeling came over me. almost
like my neighborhood was an extension of my house.

it was really cool.

these people around me are like some kinda odd
family i have. i really care about them.
how neat is that?

i know i'm lucky. i have really good neighbors.
but i think if i ever relocate....i'd better keep
this neighborhood thing in mind....

i like people around me.

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