Wednesday, March 10, 2010

strange starts

i walked and felt the morning. it was so soft and
gentle. it felt like how i felt this morning.
i grinned. it wasn't until recently that i even knew
i was gentle. i always thought i was just a loud,
bumbling clod. yeah. i know.

but i've noticed i'm gentle, and now i can feel
the gentle inside me sometimes.

this morning i walked and let the gentleness of
the morning mix with my insides. it felt so good.

i walked by her house. her recycling was out, her
light was on. so i rang her doorbell.

she answered the door wrapped in a blanket, my eyes
got big and i asked her if i woke her.

nope. she just hadn't gotten dressed yet. come on

i started telling her about the morning. told her
it was gentle and soft. she hadn't quite warmed up
to me yet and looked at me like i was a wacko who
just walked in off the street.

she's been having a hard time lately. i promised
myself i would visit more. and as we sat chatting,
i glanced at her clock.

it was 6:30 in the morning.

okay, ter, maybe visit more, but not quite so early.
you may have less of the wacko feel if it's a regular

i grinned. joked with her about it.

and then my cell phone rang.
sitting in her living room at 6:30 the phone in my
pocket rings.

and the morning has been moving along strange ever

i like strange starts. i like strange days.
once in awhile. not every day. but once in awhile.

they remind me how cool life is. how packed full it is,
and how incredibly goofy it can be.

life never seems to go quite the way i think it will...
and mostly, i think that's kinda cool.
strange days remind me of that.

1 comment:

Pamela Jones said...

I will now remember that people probably see me as crazier before they have their coffee...good info.

I know the kind of morning you mean -- where it feels like you're walking on cotton balls. Nice.