Sunday, April 25, 2010

it doesn't matter

i loved her voice when she said it....
she said sometimes you have to just look at things
and say 'it doesn't matter.'

and her voice...
it was so peaceful.

it doesn't matter.

so i just walked thru my house imitating her voice.

brought me back to a time in my life when i was working
hard on releasing some people.

over and over again i would try to release.
finally i added hand gestures in and no matter where i
was, if i had a thought about any of them i would fling
my hands out and open like i was throwing something off
of me.

i remember doin' this in the grocery store, when i drove,
making meals...everywhere.

it helped.

i like this 'it doesn't matter' sentence.

gonna try it out a few million times and see if it helps....

cause you know.......
it doesn't matter.


Pamela Jones said...

Well, I should start this with "Continued"
You are doing exactly what compassion does when you throw away the negative stuff that is weighing you down. And until you do that for yourself, you can't possibly do it for someone else. I love that feeling of using the gesture to throw away what isn't needed! It allows so much room for the good stuff!

Sorrow said...

"it just doesn't matter...."