Monday, May 3, 2010

a guitar!!!

the guys and i were on line last nite
shopping for guitars!!!

they're gonna give me a guitar for my
birthday this month!!!


i have ALWAYS wanted to play guitar.
i tried to teach myself as a kid.
i diligently learned the notes and tried
so hard. had my mel bay book and tried
and tried and tried.
but when i hit was over.

when josh first got his guitar....i tried
to learn again. i pulled out my mel bay
book that i had saved from when i was a kid.
no kiddin'.
same deal. chords killed me. i was done.
and i just didn't have time....

i'm in the home stretch of finishing teaching
my last son with home schooling. i am stunned
that that part of my life will be over.
i'm thrilled......and sad all at once.

and it hit me.....i have been learning/teaching
stuff every morning for over 20 years. maybe i
should still save a tiny time slot to teach ME
something every morning.

it doesn't have to be long. but since i'm already
in the habit of setting time aside in the morning,
why don't i set a half an hour or 45 minutes aside
to learn something i always wanted to learn???

spanish came to mind as the thing i SHOULD learn.
but guitar came to mind as the thing i WANT to learn.

so starting in june, i'm done with classes for the
guys....and i'm gonna start at least one little class
for me every morning....i'm gonna take that time for
me that i haven't had since the boys were born....

and i'm gonna learn guitar!!! well...i hope.
the chords may kill me again. altho, josh is convinced
he can teach ANYBODY guitar...he's had worse than me
he says.

thanks, josh.

we sat looking thru guitars last nite. josh was a champ.
was trying to figure out my tastes and what i was looking
for. 'what kinda music do you want to play?' he asked

i turned, looked at him and said 'if i could play anything
in the world you know what it would be?'

he didn't miss a beat. he knew exactly what.
it's a solo from a song i like.

i thought it was cool he knew.

noah wandered in, saw what i was lookin' at and asked
about it. i said 'josh says it'll give me that nice sound
i'm looking for.'

noah's eyes got wide.
'mom. that's not gonna give you a nice sound!"

josh turned to him....'she wants to play metal. she's talkin'
about that rough metal sound.'

noah laughed.
'ohhhhhh. you said 'nice sound' in that sweet girl voice of
yours and i didn't realize you meant metal.'

and we all just laughed.....

this is gonna be sooo fun!


Pamela Jones said...

::::Place individual fingers on strings for D chord -- concentrate:::
"Down in the Va----lley, The Valley so..."

:::::pause and move fingers to new configuration for G chord -- no cursing:::::::
"LOW!!!!" Hang your head OOOO----ver, Hear the wind..."

Lather, rinse, repeat...good luck!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Go For It Girlfriend...I think it's totally radical and more than that have fun with the learning aspect of it...I'm sure you will rock and by next year you will be strumming us along!

Blessings on your new adventure!

Pot Luck Herbs said...

Hey Terri!! Soo COOL!! I just finally started learning guitar myself last year...I've got some basic chords down..but I'm teacherless (and timeless) for the moment so I'm not making any progress...but keep us updated, cuz you'll be an inspiration for me to keep at it!!!

Anonymous said...

i love you you guitar strumming girl.. go for it.. make it grand
and are you aiming for a stevie ray vaughn song? or are we going to hear some ozzy?


HOW AwesomE IS THIS??????