Monday, May 17, 2010

life and growing......

i honestly could not have had a better weekend.
i could not have been more loved and have enjoyed
the guys and bob any more than i did.

and yet this morning, i woke up sad.
ah man.
that sucks.
i didn't want that.
and it was more than sad, i was a little sick
to my stomach.


some of that past gunk comin' up....

i walked, bob happened to call. he usually gets
right off if i'm walkin so i can have that time.

'no, stay on the phone, okay?' i asked him.

i listened to him tell me about the damage to his
neighborhood....they had real bad hail over there.
and then he asked me how i was.

i told him. told him i didn't want to be a 'debbie
downer' and i really wished this stuff would just
go away.

he understood. bam. he just understood. told me how
far i had come and that it was just gonna take awhile.
he was so darn kind about it.

i got on the treadmill.....steadied myself as i went.

someone i love emailed me a wise note.....i cried as
i read it....and nodded all the way thru it.

i am so incredibly blessed and i know that. i really
really know that.

gonna hold both today. but focus way more on the blessed.
and if i get blue later on, i'm gonna take a spin on that
new bike of mine!

growing.......whew. i think it takes some patience.

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Sherry said...

Hey Terri, don't worry too much about being down after your great day of celebration...I think that's totally normal. I had an awesome bonfire party weekend for my birthday last year and was so bummed the day after the bonfire cuz I still wanted to play and celebrate...but everyone else had to go back to their lives...I think it's just normal after-party rebound reaction. It's like withdrawal... anyway...hope your day turns around and you have a great 17th day!!