Saturday, May 29, 2010

a nice evening at home.....

i was pretty beat.
wanted to have some laughs with the guys.
so i grabbed some caffeine.

usually that works wonders.

i even wondered if i was getting sick.
was sooooo beat.

nah, it's the emotions, ter.
okay, well, i'll just grab another
shot of caffeine.

it wasn't til after my fourth drink of
something caffeinated that it ALL kicked in.

by this time everyone was back to work.
and THEY were beat.
the guys came down to fill an order and
just crashed on the studio floor. i could
see the order wasn't gonna get too far.

i, on the other hand, was workin' a mile a
minute. i couldn't stop.i was flying. it was
great. happy. laughing. intense. able to do

noah handed me a project expecting to have
to give me a big push on how and why to do it.
i just said 'okay, will do.' and walked away.
he was still mid rant in tryin' to talk me into
doin' it.

josh came thru. he was sposed to be workin'
on his car, but it was 8:30, it was dark,
he had been workin', he just wasn't in the mood.
he wanted food. he was diggin' thru the fridge
next to my studio.

i was just gettin' ready to launch into another
project. i looked at the clock....yeah, i should
quit...told him i had meant to get to the grocery
store but had been sidetracked with work.

i'll go with you, he said. i gotta get some stuff too.

as we headed up to the living room, he mentioned
entrepreneurs. that topic usually gets me animated
anyway, but with the caffeine, i was animated about

we stood in the living room getting into this wonderful
animated conversation. josh doesn't need caffeine for
this. he dives right in to animation naturally.
we got loud and full of passion.

the guys wandered out to see what all the commotion
was about. noah decided he definitely wanted to be
around the chaos, and he was goin' grocery shopping
with us. zakk was backing back towards his room with
his eyes wide and shaking his head, mumbling he'd pass
on the outting. i was laughing and waving my arms.

hours later, after a passionate grocery store outting,
dinner, and some hangin' out, i thought everyone would
wander their own way.

apparently tho, my caffeine hadn't worn off and they
were gettin' a kick out of it. we all ended up settled
around the kitchen table. my arms were still waving,
and crazy conversation shootin' all over the place.
even noah and zakk had woken up and gotten into the

at one point it was particularly wild. there was like
three conversations goin' at once. all lively. i looked
over at zakk. he had leaned back laughing and shaking
his head. his word for moments like this is 'bizarre.'

ah yes.

i had wanted to have some fun with the guys.
we hadn't seen each other a whole lot this week.
i had wanted to lighten up and just laugh.
i had wanted a good dose of the family bizarre.

mission accomplished.
amazing what a truck load of caffeine can do for the

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE it when I end up having a unexpectedly memorable time with the people I love! So glad that you did yesterday!