Friday, May 14, 2010


we sat outside up at the coffee place,
trading stories of the not so easy parts
of the week.

turns out we all had pretty heavy days
yesterday. at one point, i just started
laughing and said 'let me get this straight...'
and i proceeded to describe each of us at
our worst moments yesterday.

we all started laughing at the visual.

another woman sat down near us. she knew
my friend and said hello. she was with her
little girl and commented on how she just
needed a break, yesterday had been a bit rough.

we all started laughing and telling her what
was going on.

she laughed too and said it made her feel better
to know she wasn't the only one.

oh no, she wasn't the only one.

and sometimes that just feels so good.

ya know, i don't like the 'downs' so much.
okay, i don't like them at all.
but i know they're part of the deal. we gotta go
thru them to get to the other stuff.

and i sure do like laughing about them with
my friends.

and now....i'm puttin' up all the hard stuff and
gearin' up for some serious celebrating.
it's birthday weekend.
the guys already surprised me with balloons in
my kitchen when i got home!!!

josh is sick, so it may be a little slower than we
had thought......but that's okay, cause we've got
all month!

but i think it's time for some serious fun right now.
toasting us all........on the rough days, on the fun
days, on the regular ol' days.....

here's to life.
here's to friends.
here's to stars!


AkasaWolfSong said...

Happy Birthday Starshine! Woo Hoo!

Puttin' on the Birthday Hat...and doing a Birthday Dance just for you! Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah! Singin' at the top of my lungs! He He

Stars are fallin' all over ya now...The Universe is celebrating your Portal Day! :)

Celebration Stars for Terri!

Anonymous said...

That's so odd. . my thursday was all sorts of off also. Broken down car and then locked my keys in it.. .very strange day.

Happy Birthday!!! Birthday's are such fun! Have a great birthday weekend.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohh man Im just catchin up..sorry I missed your birthday!!