Sunday, May 16, 2010

versatile clothing

i run up stairs and try to figure out what
would be good to wear to the zoo.....

as it turns out it's the exact same clothes
that are good to ride a bike in!
but don't tell bob...

yesterday when we were gettin' ready to take
a bike ride, i said i had to change. put my
bike riding clothes on.

when i came out in a big ol shirt, he asked
me what the significance was.

oh, well.......i launched into my theory that
you need a big ol' baggy shirt to catch the
wind and feel it blowin' all thru you.

he stood there seriously listening to me and
asked 'okay, and why that color?'

i looked at him with disdain.
'is that not obivous?' i asked him.

he laughed and said 'yeah, okay, it is now.'

the shirt was blue as was the bike.

so okay......this's layin'
in my room. yep. it's also got a bit of
an island feel to it. it's got tiki men
on it in a border or something.
i made up 'tiki men'...but you know what
i mean.

i slipped it on and headed over to the
bathroom hollerin' to the guys 'put your
zoo clothes on!'

zakk comes out with a plain yellow tee
shirt on. 'is this zoo clothes?' he asks.

'certainly not,' i tell him in disgust.

okay, so what makes zoo clothes, he wants
to know.

'look at me,' i tell him.
'does this not look zooish???'

he agrees it does.

do you guys not have any hawaiian shirts?
grab some tribal african shirts....
you must have those!

noah laughs, tells me he'll just grab one of
those out of his closet.

and then i come over to tell him not to tell
bob the biking shirt is also the zoo shirt.

it might lose some of it's power that way.

we're waiting for josh to show it
looks like it's time for a quick spin on the bike.

good thing my shirt doubles as a bike shirt.

i am so ready for anything today!

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

My goodness gracious, Little Miss Terri is out and running the show. Everyone knows, or should, that Tiki men shirts can do double duty.

I am loving how you're enjoying this day.