Thursday, July 29, 2010

be a prayer

agitated and upset with worry, i paced the floor.

wanting to do something, i just kept pacing.

it suddenly occurred to me.

now's the time.

i've been thinking about trying to be a living

not even sure what that means.

just knowing it means not hiding your heart.
and not pacing in fear.

i had a plan of when i'd try that.
when i'd really leap in and try that.......
had a plan.

and then.......
this happened.

as i paced around feeling agitated i remembered.

be a prayer.

do it now.

how does one be a prayer????, i asked myself.

start with breathing, centering, and believing.

i put on a cd that just came in the mail today.
one that should reach into my depths.

i'm filling an order.
i'm thinking.
i'm thinking of faith.
of what i believe.
of my heart.

i'm feeling my heart.
i'm offering my heart.

im thinking of crows gathering and cawing about
the light. (see pam's blog)

i'm thinking of the light.

my mind wanders to the dark.

i pull it back to the light.

and i connect my heart to hers........

be a prayer........

i don't even know how.......
but i'm off to go do it.

to really really go do it.......

because i know i can.

we all can........
even if we don't know how.

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